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…but you know I always try to bring you a LITTLE something. 😉

Queen V says:  "Gnnnnuuffff...."

Queen V says: “Gnnnnuuffff….”

Yes, ravishing rafties – it’s all pretty damn calm out there on the cyber sea at present.  But we all know that happens when the prince is busy shooting.  Personally I always make the most of these quiet times (this one is likely to extend up to June when the Force 2 shoot ends and Dishoom promotions start) to get as many other chores and projects out of the way.  After all, we KNOW that July will be MENTAL, right? 😉

Force 2 shoot April 2016 Tahir clapperboardAnyway – let’s deal with the few snippets that are floating around…

First up, the Force 2 shoot is obviously continuing today.

Earlier, John’s co star Tahir Raj Bhasin tweeted “Sunrise, Filmsets and the drive to them. #Force2 /KZnDkJiNEU

Nice!  I wonder where they’re off to today?

Speaking of Force 2, I spotted this curious snippet from a site called – appropriately enoughBox Office Bull!!  The full link is in the comment below this post but here’s the bit that caught MY eye:

Force 2 Mumbai location shoot walking 3 sona phone‘….The film is a thriller, in which John and Sonakshi will play the lead roles… …actor, Paras Arora plays John’s younger self….’

Errrr, WHAT???

Assuming there must be a flashback scene to ACP Yash’s youth, I immediately googled this young guy.  He’s a nice looking lad but his Wikipedia page had no mention (at time of writing) of a role in Force 2.

So I messaged John, asking if this was true.  He replied simply with “?”.  So I’m assuming that’s a NO(I mean, John’s obviously read the whole script, right?  So he’d know if his ‘younger self’ is in it.)  I did ask if that was a ‘no’ but John – clearly embroiled in the shoot – hasn’t yet replied.

Looking masterful with that stance!

Looking masterful with that stance!

The reason I’m bringing this up is because we know the ‘cut and paste’ nature of the showbiz media (nobody checks facts) so this story MAY turn up elsewhere.  Just saying

In other news,  Yamaha tweeted their FZ-S Engine Revolution ad via their FB page.  The FB link is below but I’m fairly sure it’s the same as the one we saw in March.  It’s certainly the same length.  But anyway, check it out.  John looks FAB!!

Here’s the March ad from YouTube:

And that’s pretty much IT, my loves.  In the comment below you’ll also find various random pics gleaned from FB etc. But otherwise I’ll just leave you with a few tweets that caught my eye:

RH tai Chi torso pose 5.Roman Reigns“Just watched #RockyHandsome !!! I’ve never seen this kind of action shots in Bollywood. Awesome!!! John Abraham… You Beauty.”

Mirza Salman Ali@TheJohnAbraham Giving you a ride on a Harley Davidson chopper all the way to Bandra (One of my most amazing dreams) John We Love you :)”

john singing for RH 2.KunaljitA @TheJohnAbraham hello Sir…. listening to rocky handsome unplugged song sung by u.. itss. awsmm ;)”

Kanika Mahajan“I just love John Abraham”

DrSourabh1601“thank u John Abraham bcoz of ur motivation I gave up aerated drinks 2day…”



.TaanesKumar “John Abraham is mad fit”

He bloody IS!!

Arooj“Force is always a treat for my heart and eyes, my baes, so fine bruh I cry

dinesh:  @TheJohnAbraham Loved d movie #rockyhandsome it was damn good d best movie for dis year”

Nas Nas Mein Song WB dancers white shirt shruti 4 intense.meem “John Abraham is hot.”

Raftie’s forever“Poor movies #Dilwale n #Welcomeback r hit but gud movies like #Fan n #Rockyhandsome  is flop.Thats people of india. @iamsrk @TheJohnAbraham

Actually I rather liked Welcome Back (it certainly wasn’t as bad as I’d feared) but that’s a good point.😦

RH promos blue tshirt interview Akshay handhold montageGurpreet Singh:  “We Love AKSHAY KUMAR  We Love JOHN ABRAHAM  We Love Both”

We DO!! 😀

And that, my precious pearls, is going to be all from me for today.  It’s a holiday weekend here so I’m off to catch up with my TV shows on the recorder box thingy.

In the meantime, please pop any interesting snippets you may find in the comments and I’ll deal with them on MONDAY. 

"You've not seen me, right..."

“You’ve not seen me, right…”

(Please Note: There will be NO post tomorrow as Sunday is my day off, haha.)

Catch you later, little fishies!!😀


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